Bold and Persistent

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God declared that judgment was coming. But Moses believed that, if he pleaded, He would change His mind. He prayed earnestly, asking God not to destroy His people. He reminded God that He had brought His people out of Egypt, and reminded Him of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In this light, he asked that God not look on their stubbornness, wickedness, or sin.

In this amazing encounter, Moses displayed a combination of confidence, boldness, and humility. Even though he was the leader of his people and God’s chosen messenger, he did not assume that he had any special privileges. Rather, he approached God with reverence.

With boldness born out of a submissive spirit, he demonstrated patience, as he “kept prostrating” himself before God for forty days and nights! He prayed and prayed, day after day, night after night. There must have been times when he must have felt like giving up. But, because of his persistence, God changed His mind. The promised judgment did not come.

Here we see an important lesson about persistence. Many times the only way to solve a problem, receive an answer from God, or prevent a crisis, is to throw ourselves at His feet and seek Him relentlessly and persistently, until we have an answer.

Jesus gave us a similar example in the story of a widow who was so persistent in approaching a “judge who did not fear God nor regard man.” Because of the persistence of this widow, he answered according to her desires (Luke 18:1-7).

As you face the challenges of life, remember not to be discouraged by the size of your problems. Rather, humble yourself before God, and approach Him with humility. Make sure that your prayers are in line with His revealed Word. But never hesitate to be bold and persistent.