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Asaph had the opportunity to observe people at all levels within Israel and other nations – old, young, powerful, weak, generals, and novices. He shared his observations in this psalm.

One constant problem was the presence of pride. Asaph realized how damaging this attitude is. He urged anyone who would listen to repent of boastfulness and realize how poisonous pride is. It encourages a distorted understanding of life.

We need to realize that none of us has grounds to be boastful. We all are flawed. None of us has sufficient discernment to see things clearly. We need to realize that God alone is the perfect judge. He sees everyone with clarity and promises to exalt those who should be exalted and humble the proud. God promises to execute judgment “at the set time” (v. 2). When things appear unsettled, God will provide stability.

Asaph understood this balance. This perspective was central to his own life. He expressed his gratitude and confidence by singing a song of praise. When he saw things that troubled him, he remembered God’s promise to “cut off” the horns (power) of the wicked and lift “the horns of the righteous” (v. 10).

Today, remember that God is the perfect Judge. He knows every situation you face. Look to Him to give you the right perspective. As you seek Him and humble yourself before Him, He can give you the right attitude. You can trust Him.