Blessed to Bless Others

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How natural it can seem to think first about ourselves! This pattern is established in the first moments of life, but often continues as we age. This attitude can even dominate our spiritual lives. Our prayer lives can focus primarily on ourselves. We can even be self-centered in our walk with God, and hoard His blessings for ourselves.

For example, the Bible says that God blessed King Hezekiah in many ways, but he “made no return for the benefit received.” There was much he could have done for others for God gave him “immense riches and honor,” and he gained “very great wealth.” Instead, he just thought about himself (2 Chronicles 32:25-29).

The Bible makes clear that God desires to bless us. He delights to answer our prayers and encourages us to bring every need before Him. But He also wants us to be concerned about others. To be compassionate about the lost and needy.

The psalmist put these issues in proper perspective, reminding us to seek God’s blessing that others might fear Him, and to bring Him glory.

As He meets our needs, we need to remember that He blesses us so that we might be a blessing to others. We always are to be people who give Him thanks and praise, and be generous with the resources He has given us. We need to continue to be humble in His sight. And, we need to continue to place our emphasis on Him.

Today, remember to place God first in your life. Seek first His Kingdom. When you pray, don’t just think about yourself, but lift up the needs of others. More than just receiving His blessings for yourself, desire to be blessed that the ends of the earth may fear God and come to know Him.