Bless the Lord

Bless the Lord

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

An orphan himself, James Montgomery had a strong compassion for children. Born in 1771, he expressed his concerns in many of the 400 hymns he composed, including a hymn written for a Sunday School in Sheffield, England.

For the title of this hymn, Montgomery selected the call to the people of Israel in Nehemiah’s time to “Stand Up and Bless the Lord.” Montgomery realized that in every era it was important to make that unmistakable commitment. It was a call for children and adults to unite their hearts and proclaim their faith.

Those Israelites in Nehemiah’s time had humbled themselves before God, confessing their sins. Having heard His Word, they joined together to worship Him. As we follow their example, Montgomery reminds us that we all should bless Him “with heart, and soul, and voice.” Remember that He is great and glorious. We should magnify Him forever.

Thinking of all He has done, we realize that He can impact our lives in supernatural ways. It changes our lives to know He is near. We remember He is “our strength and song,” and He delivers and saves us.

During day-to-day distractions, be sure that you have the right priorities. James Montgomery (and the Jews of Nehemiah’s time) would remind you why you need to take a stand: to be sure everyone knows that you serve the living God. Don’t compromise.