Bend My Will

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

On the surface, Evan Roberts seemed to be the ideal Believer. Born in Wales in 1878, he regularly attended church and taught Sunday school even as a teenager. He participated in prayer meetings and seemed to be a solid Christian.

But Roberts was dissatisfied. He wanted more—to know God in a deeper, more personal way. Then, as he was praying in the spring of 1904, he felt “taken up to a great expanse” into a time of “communion with God.”

This pattern continued for three months. Each night at about one o’clock, he was awakened and spent up to four hours in communion with God.

About this time, he had another profound experience. One morning as he prayed with other students, one phrase burned in his heart: “Lord, bend us.” These words lingered throughout the day. Later, when they gathered again for prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit became so compelling that he fell to his knees in tears.

His whole being was flooded with the truth of Romans 5:8, and he pleaded with God to bend him to His will. Afterward, he experienced profound peace and a great “compassion for those who must bend at the judgment.” He “felt ablaze with a desire to go through the length and breadth of Wales to tell of the Savior.” After that day he became an important instrument in bringing revival to Wales.

Roberts’ life changed when he began to seek God with new intensity, when he surrendered his life to Him completely.

Right now, surrender your life anew to Him. Ask Him to bend your will. Seek Him with your whole being. He will change you in powerful ways, bring you into closer fellowship with Him, and use you to impact others for His Kingdom!