What Belongs to Others

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is natural for us to want our own possessions. It’s understandable that we would seek to be independent and live in our own homes.

But Jesus said the way we demonstrate our readiness to be given our own things is through the way we handle things that belong to others. What does this mean?

We remember that God looks at our hearts. He wants to see our attitude, not just toward Him but toward other people. He is watching us interact with a boss or a secretary…a neighbor or a store clerk. And He also looks at how we handle things that don’t belong to us. Are we responsible about things that belong to an employer? A friend? A relative?

Yes, we must display responsibility toward material things that belong to others, but there is also another side to this. Jesus reminded us that we cannot serve two masters. It is possible to focus so intently on material things that we forget to seek first His Kingdom. We must not allow possessions, or the desire for wealth, to gain control over us. And in everything, we must remember that we are His servants.

In your life, make sure that you keep the things of this world in proper perspective. Seek to have the attitude of a servant when you handle the possessions of others. Remember: You are demonstrating that you are responsible and faithful, proving that you are ready for God to give you the riches of His Kingdom.

Show God that you have placed Him and His Kingdom first in your life. Be faithful with things that belong to others, and with everything you do.