Believing That Nothing Is Impossible

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For Mary, the words of the angel must have been puzzling. How would she, a virgin, conceive and give birth? But the angel’s response was designed to reshape her thinking. The message was that nothing is impossible with God.

From the beginning of creation, God has made it clear that He was the creator. That all laws are always subject to Him. That He can do anything.

Mary was willing to accept this promise. Yet for many of us, this can be difficult to grasp. We tend to stay bound within our own conceptions. To be limited in our thinking.

But the angel’s message to Mary demonstrated that we cannot limit God. When we think about Him, we need to believe that nothing is impossible. In fact, we see this truth in action throughout the ministry of Jesus, as he performed miracle after miracle.

It is interesting that God’s power is defined in such a double negative—not just stating that everything is possible, but stating the opposite.        He challenges us to name anything. And then He says that none of these things will be impossible.

In other words, there is nothing we can conceive or think of that is impossible.

What excuses can you give that prevent you from believing? Does it seem you don’t have enough resources? That you aren’t strong enough? That you face powerful opposition? That you don’t know what to do? That you have been asked to do that seems impossible?

In every situation, simply remember the words of the angel: “With God nothing will be impossible.”