Believing God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Abraham set the standard for how we live by faith. We study his life so carefully because we all face the same kinds of problems he faced. As we examine his life, we need to remember that there were no textbooks for him to study. He could not go to church or listen to a sermon. He could not watch a message on television or the Internet. He had to learn everything through experience, and what God revealed to him.

Paul wrote, “What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh?” The Hebrew words used here indicate that Abraham learned by searching out things, by a process of discovery, observation, and examination. In the process, he made mistakes, but he learned through his experiences. And God even used his mistakes.

Today, we have the privilege of learning from Abraham’s experiences, and the experiences of others in the Bible. But we cannot have a secondhand faith. We must learn these truths for ourselves and apply them in our own lives.

The Bible summarized his experience with this short phrase: “Abraham believed God.” We, too, must believe Him, ultimately living by faith.

Today, what issues do you face? Do you believe that God’s promises are true for you? Have you been seeking God for a breakthrough? Have you been Sowing Seeds into His Kingdom, believing that you would Reap a Harvest of blessings? No matter what you face, remember the example of Abraham. Renew your faith in God, and believe in Him. He was faithful to Abraham, and He will be faithful to you.