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When Alexander Scriabin died (one hundred years ago today), he had become a man of mystery. As a young composer (born in Moscow, Russia), he gained attention because of his keen ear, exemplified by a “mystical chord” upon which he built many compositions, filled with exotic colors.

But his interest in the exotic became extreme, enhanced by mysticism and the occult. He dabbled in dark arts, calling himself “god.” Attempting to imitate Jesus, he once attempted to walk on the waters of Lake Geneva (and even “preached” to fishermen from a boat).

One pianist described how “Scriabin may have envisioned himself as a kind of Messiah, trying to show how mankind can become God” through “spiritual ecstasy.”

His music became more extreme, reaching a peak in his Ninth Piano Sonata. Called the “Black Mass,” this employs “howls of burning trills which resemble creatures from hell, crawling out and announcing the arrival of Satan.” The sounds imitate rituals reflecting “devil worship, sadism, necrophilia, cannibalism and all the other perverse, blasphemous ceremonies that were thriving all over Russia.”

For Scriabin, everything was to culminate in his Mysterium. Left unfinished at his death, he had hoped this would lead to the final salvation of mankind, “by synthesizing all the human senses through one orgiastic performance.” His vision was for a seven-day performance in the Himalayan mountains that would create “lethal vibrations” that might “shatter the universe.”

Over time, millions have been seduced by the dark side, looking to the occult for answers. Even a man like King Saul, who had known God and been used by Him. Millions today are trapped by the subtle influences of Satan.

In your life, stay on guard against demonic deceptions. Stay focused on Jesus, the Truth of the Word, and the simplicity of the Gospel.