Being a Mentor

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How can we measure the impact our lives can have on others? One important way this influence is expressed is through being a “mentor,” guiding and helping others to develop and mature in practical or spiritual matters.

The Gallup organization recently conducted a poll of people in 83 countries, concluding that mentors particularly play a significant role “in the developing world, where there are fewer formal training and support programs.” While mentoring was important in places like North America and Europe, the impact was greatest in Africa and the Middle East.

Gallup concluded that “mentors can play an important role in supporting new companies in their development process. Without a mentor, an entrepreneur may find it difficult to access resources, build networks, and create partnerships that help the enterprise grow.”

In fact, people with access to a mentor were three times more likely to start planning a business.

All Believers have the opportunity to be mentors. We can share our testimony, pray with those who have needs, teach, help share burdens, and bless others financially.

We see this kind of influence in Paul’s relationship with Timothy. Paul sought to be a faithful teacher, to share what he’d already learned, to guide, warn, and encourage. He also counseled Timothy to continue this pattern in his relationships with others.

Today, consider how much you can influence people in all of your relationships. As God has blessed you, seek to bless others. Share out of the resources you’ve been given. Be a source of encouragement. Look for opportunities to teach others the things that God has shown you, and principles that lead to success. Seek to help the Body of Christ to mature and have a greater impact in the world.