In the Beginning

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible pictures God in many ways. He is both a Judge and a Father. We see His anger and grace, His judgment and forgiveness. But the first way God is pictured is as a creator. This gives us important insights into His nature, and helps us understand how He works, and His attitude toward the world.

The Hebrew word here translated “created” means to create, shape, or form. Of the 54 times this is used in the Bible, thirteen are in the first two chapters of Genesis. This emphasis clearly demonstrates the importance of His creative nature.

Here is the simple truth: God creates! This means that He has no limits. He is not confined by circumstances. He can change anything, or anyone, at any time.

This creativity is on display throughout the Bible. Kings and nations tried to limit Him, but He continued to demonstrate His mastery. When people said there was no way, He made a way. When defeat seemed inevitable, He turned it into victory.

To help us understand His nature, He said, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways” (Isaiah 55:8). As we grasp this truth, our understanding can be transformed. And our approach toward life can be revolutionized. We will realize that He is not limited by the problems we face, or by our circumstances, our concepts, or the options that seem logical to us.

We must not limit God, restrict His options, or prejudge the possibilities. In every situation, He is the Creator. Where there seems to be no hope, He can create. Where they do not seem to be any solutions, He can create answers out of nothing.

Ask God to give you a revelation of His creative power in your life, and the situations you face. Remember to trust in Him, not circumstances. Have faith, and believe in Him. He is the Creator.