“Be Perfect”

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Be perfect.” A statement that seems to set standards that none of us can achieve. In fact, many people try to achieve “perfection” and become frustrated and discouraged when they make mistakes and fall short of this goal. If they have not been “perfect,” they feel that they have disappointed God, and are failures as believers.

The dictionary says that “perfect” means to be complete in every way. To conform to a standard or ideal with no omissions, errors, or flaws. If this is our definition, how can we help but fall short? How can we live with no omissions, errors, or flaws?

It is helpful to realize that the Greek word translated “perfect” describes not only being “complete”, but also achieving God’s goals. In other words, Jesus was not saying that we need to live without flaws. Rather that we seek to accomplish the purposes for which we were created and make that our goal.

The Bible makes clear that God wants us to take advantage of the opportunities He gives us, and develop our gifts and abilities. He does not want us to be lazy or half-hearted. He does not want us to be discouraged or frustrated, but to press on and seek the goals that He has given us.

In your life, be careful not to set unrealistic goals, or develop expectations that cannot be met. Remember, You are not perfect, and God knows your every flaw. Instead of being discouraged, focus on being a good steward of the resources He has given you.

Always stay ready to let God refine and purify you. Always be teachable and willing to learn. Ask Him to help you become more like Jesus, a living sacrifice demonstrating the truth of His Word, totally focused on His call.