Battling against God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When Friedrich Nietzsche died (on this day in 1900), his reputation was uncertain. He had spent much of a decade in an asylum. But his influence grew following his death, thanks to the power of his prose and articulate, radical ideas. One of his arguments was criticism of Christianity. He called it “harmful.” A “great curse.” A religion for “failures” and “the weak.”

Nietzsche talked about the “death of God.” In many ways, Satan was a hero. The model of independence, demonstrating a refusal to obey God. Charting his own course.

Today, Satan still represents a kind of hero to many people. The champion for all who defy God. Who mock anyone who believes the Gospel. Who think that Christianity is only for the weak. We see these influences throughout pop culture. In fact, in a recent TV show, Satan is portrayed not as a “bad guy” but “the victim.” Even a hero.

The Bible’s opening pages show us the subtle way Satan can twist words and confuse minds. He tries to deceive us into thinking that God is against us. That we cannot be free unless we reject Him and go our own way.

Adam and Eve heard these lies and followed his advice. Instead of freedom, they found themselves deceived, and prisoners of sin. Separated from God. Unable to experience the wonders of His creation.

How easily this can happen to anyone. What is the answer? Go back to the beginning. Start with God. Walk and talk with him, as Adam and Eve did before their fall. Trust Him. Obey Him. Remember that He love us and wants our best. That He has a master plan for our lives.