Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Pharisees and scribes considered themselves religious. They delighted in enforcing their rules regarding behavior for all people. They defined what they felt it meant to follow God and to interpret His Word.

In their position, they were bothered because Jesus’ disciples ate bread in ways they felt were wrong. Originally, like their other rules, this might have been good intentioned to help people please God.

But Jesus said that their priorities had become wrong. They were focused on appearances. In the process, they became “hypocrites,” honoring God “with their lips” while their hearts were “far away from [God]” (v. 6).

They missed the point. Their layer of rules had become more important than the condition of their hearts. Their interpretations actually replaced God’s Word. Instead, they taught theirown precepts as doctrines and forced others to live according to their traditions.

How easily we can make the same mistakes by reinterpreting God’s Word to fit our own interests, creating our own rules, or making assumptions. This can happen even if we have good intentions.

Don’t be a hypocrite. And don’t place your thoughts above God’s Word. Ask Him to examine your heart, mind, and standards. Make sure that you focus on His Word. Submit every thought, every rule, and every tradition to Him. Don’t be guilty of having the wrong priorities, but make sure that you live according to His rules.