Babbling Fools

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible describes some people as “babbling fools.” These “arrogant” people just think themselves to be wise. And they talk a lot. The warning against them was so important that it was repeated within just a few verses.

In modern English, these could be called people who “pontificate,” a word defined as to “express one’s opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way.” These self-appointed prophets assume that they have the kind of authority of those chosen by God to deliver His messages. But those who pontificate can display their own pronouncements in politics and behavior, style and strategy, and other matters, including faith.

This sense of authority can be justified when God provides the inspiration. We see this when Moses announced His uncompromising laws, and prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah declared His messages.

But the Bible also presents many examples of self-appointed prophets who were not called by God, who spoke on their own authority, perhaps even with good intentions. People who were “babbling fools.”

We may be able to recognize these traits in others. But the real challenge is having discernment about our own lives. To ask ourselves if we are guilty of being “babbling fools.” Are we really only interested in our own opinions? Would we rather pontificate than listen?

In contrast, some are “wise in heart.” These people are willing to stop talking and actually listen to others.

If we want to be wise, we will seek to be good listeners, not focused on our own opinions. Ultimately, this means listening to God. Seeking His wisdom. Being humble in His sight, ready to hear from Him. Open to the guidance, conviction, and instruction of His Spirit.