Astonishing and Horrible

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What was so “astonishing”? So “horrible”? Things that were being said and done by the prophets and priests. The very people who were called to represent God. Those who were expected to speak for Him and lead His people in ways that would please Him.

But these religious leaders had stopped focusing on God. Instead, they were filled with self-interest. Willing to deliver words that were false and misleading. Ruling not according to God’s direction but “by their own power.”

These problems might have existed in Jeremiah’s time, but we, too, can be victims of these same deceptions. Regardless of our experience or position, we need to be on guard against pride. To be careful to stay humble before God, sensitive to His leading, never taking Him for granted. Always serving Him.

God lamented that “my people love to have it so.” How easily we can seek our own will and forget to serve Him! To allow the opinions of others to help justify the wrong attitudes!

The question is, “What will you do in the end?” In the end, we must stand before God, alone. In the end, it will be clear that we always should have served Him, and not been consumed with our own ideas. That we always should have sought first His Kingdom, not our own interests and pleasures.

In your life, don’t take God for granted. Seek to stay humble in His sight. Submit your thoughts to Him, and ask Him to guide you, and keep you on course. Try to be careful not to go your own way but continually seek to serve Him. Always sensitive to His Spirit.