Arrogant and Overconfident

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For centuries, Rome ruled the Mediterranean with an empire stretching from Britain to the Caspian Sea, and throughout Africa. But, gradually, Rome became overconfident, believing that they could not be defeated. That all changed on this day in AD 378 when Rome encountered an army of Goths at Adrianople (located in modern Turkey).

On the surface, these Goths did not pose any threat. They seemed to be backward people with few resources. But they had developed new weapons, and new strategies involving innovative uses of horses.

Unprepared, Rome was defeated by these Goths. It was a watershed moment in history, proving that the Roman army was not invincible. They had become complacent and overconfident.

Overconfidence can be crippling to any person or group. The Bible describes how Moab had become confident in themselves, their abilities, and their strongholds. But their confidence would not save them. Their enemies, flying “swiftly like an eagle,” would capture Moab, and seize her strongholds.

They were defeated because they had “become arrogant toward the Lord.” As a result, even their “mighty men” would buckle under pressure. Their strongholds would fail. And their arrogance had left them depleted, weak, and unprepared for battle.

Today, many Christians do not take seriously the battles that are going on all around them. They feel immune from attack. Trusting in themselves and their own abilities, they have misplaced confidence.

But the Bible warns us that our enemy is shrewd. He seeks to devour us, and even can appear as an “angel of light.” He can attack at any time. This means that we need to stay vigilant, armed, and prepared.

Make sure that you are ready. Don’t be overconfident. Humble yourself before God. Seek to be vigilant, alert, and ready for battle. And remember to place your trust in the Lord.