Apply What We Learned

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible is an amazing book, providing details that can seem surprising. For example, the Bible exposes the flaws of many leading personalities. It doesn’t pretend that they were perfect, but lets us see their mistakes and the consequences.

For example, we see David. A mighty warrior. A man who wrote psalms. Who so often served God faithfully. A man after His heart. Yet the Bible tells the honest story of how David fell after being tempted by Bathsheba.

We also see how David taught so much to his son, Solomon. Yet we also see mistakes Solomon made. How he showed bad judgment, taking 700 wives, who influenced him to “turn his heart away from the Lord” (1 Kings 11:3).

Certainly reflecting his own experiences, Solomon wrote a series of proverbs designed to help us. His instruction? Learn from the experiences of others. Seek out their lessons. Listen to their advice. And pay particular attention to the truths in God’s Word. No matter what assumptions we might make, or what other people might say, the fact is that His Word always is true.

If we learn His wisdom and apply it in our lives, we will be led “in straight paths.” We won’t stumble. We will know how to make decisions and do the right thing. We will be more sensitive to traps and temptations that might lure us into making mistakes.

In your life, don’t take God for granted. Learn the principles found in His Word. Apply them in your life. And learn to be a good listener.