Anytime, Anywhere

It seemed like a place with no possibility of escape. Jeremiah was in what seemed like a totally hopeless situation. Alone, confined and surrounded by soldiers, who controlled where he could go, and what he could say.

Yet, here in this place of apparent hopelessness, God reminded him that His power was much greater than any king or army. More powerful than any“who made the earth.” He could speak anywhere. No human being could stop him.

But God revealed that the burden actually was on Jeremiah. He had to take the initiative. To step out in faith. If he called on God, He promised to do miracles. To reveal things he did not know.

There were many reasons not to call. Jeremiah could have been discouraged and intimidated. But God reminded him that He still was God, even in that prison. So Jeremiah called to God. When he did, He kept His word.

God was demonstrating that He always is present with us. That He always is ready to speak to us and help us. And that He can turn around any situation.

Do you feel that you are in a prison? Bound by problems, circumstances, or challenges that seem too great? Do you feel inadequate and face people that seem beyond your capabilities? Remember that you serve Almighty God, and that He is more powerful than any person or problem you face.

Don’t doubt, but call to Him, in faith. He promises to answer “and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”