Anxious Thoughts

Anxious Thoughts

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

How many thoughts will you have today? Recent studies by the National Science Foundation suggest that, on average, people have 50,000 thoughts per day. Other studies suggest that this number may reach 70,000! This translates into thousands of thoughts every hour and more than one per second.

What will you think about? Practical things, health and diet, relationships and interests, friends and family, feelings and decisions to be made, spiritual issues, finances, world events, and more.

As thoughts turn over in your mind, at some point you may feel fear or anxiety. You might have concerns that seem impossible to shake. You can find yourself worried. It can seem impossible to be relieved of these burdening thoughts. But the Bible reminds us that God can give you peace and bring calmness to any troubled mind. How?

If you find your mind filled with worries, tell God every detail. Everything that worries you. The Bible promises that He will take away your burdens and give you peace beyond anything you can understand. You can cast all your cares on Him “because he cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7).

What worries do you have today? What burdens? God invites you to tell Him every thought. Not just pleasant things but frustrations and failures. Thoughts that weigh you down. Problems you face. Things you don’t understand. Tell Him every detail. Don’t hold back. Let Him give you His peace.