Anointed and Consecrated

Anointed and Consecrated

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The tabernacle was complete, built according to God’s exacting design. The altar and other elements also were finished. But in His sight, something more was required.

Moses was to anoint Aaron and his sons as priests. He also was commanded to anoint the altar and the tabernacle. Everything used in the service to God was to be anointed, even the clothing. Concurrently, everything and everyone also were to be consecrated, set aside, separated, and dedicated to God.

This provides a picture of God’s calling for all believers, which is a central part of our lives. The Bible reminds us that every person is special in His sight. Each of us has been given special gifts and talents, unique assignments. All our human effort is important. But we always need to realize that to accomplish His work we must have His anointing. We must be dedicated and consecrated. We must operate in His power.

This is both a one-time act and a lifelong commitment. We all need to be filled with the Spirit, so we are equipped with His power. But it also means seeking the Spirit every day, constantly being sensitive to His leading. Depending on Him. Guided by Him.

Ask God to anoint you with His Spirit. Seek to be sensitive to and filled with His Spirit. Be available and dedicated to accomplishing His tasks. Be guided by His Spirit and set apart to serve Him.