An Open Door

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A door opened, and John was invited to enter. To his wonder, he witnessed a glimpse of Heaven, in person, by the Spirit.

From his account, it’s clear that he was overwhelmed by every color and shape, every image, every person. He was in awe of the presence of God Himself, sitting on a throne, surrounded by a rainbow. He saw before the throne, “something like a sea of glass, like crystal” (v. 6).

He saw elders clothed in white, sitting on thrones, with “golden crowns on their heads” (v. 4). John was dazzled by the lightning that flashed from the throne, and amazed by the accompanying “peals of thunder” (v. 5).

But perhaps the most enduring impression was that Heaven was filled with constant praise and worship. John saw four living creatures who surrounded God’s throne and never stopped giving Him “glory and honor and thanks.” They knew that God “created all things” and that by His will everything was created and still exists. They could not help but praise Him! (vs. 6-11).

Now, as we share John’s vision, we can join him in looking through the open door and catching a glimpse of our eternal home. His vision helps us realize how we can experience something of what Heaven is like, even today. How? By spending time praising and worshiping God and thanking Him for all that He’s done for us.

That experience is available to you, right now! Start thanking God for all that He’s done for you. Be specific. Then praise and worship Him! Remember: You owe everything to Him. Let Him fill your life with a taste of Heaven!