Always Ready

Always Ready

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For centuries, Rome had ruled much of the world, but gradually it had declined and become vulnerable. Then suddenly, on this day in 410 AD, the Visigoths, a tribe of Teutonic people, sacked Rome.

This invasion caught the Roman leaders and military off guard. Procopius, a sixth-century historian, recalled that the emperor in Rome, Honorius, never had “a thought of war in his mind” but simply was happy “if men allowed him to remain quiet in his palace.”

Many people thought an invasion was impossible. Depending on Rome’s reputation, some assumed it always would be safe. Many Christians thought God always would protect Rome since the empire had been Christian for almost one hundred years.

After Rome was destroyed, many wondered why God had allowed this destruction. Grappling with this question helped motivate St. Augustine to write his monumental work The City of God. Remember, God is not bound to explain why He allows anything, but He is always in control; He is always good.

Many people go about their lives, just like Honorius, unconcerned about the future. Others feel confident that they have nothing to worry about. They forget the Bible’s warning that no knows the hour when Jesus may return. We always need to “be on the alert” (Matthew 25:13).

Today, seek to be faithful with the tasks God has given you. Focus on His Kingdom. Make sure you are alert and ready for Jesus’ return.