Always in God’s Presence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God knew that disagreements were inevitable. In our human interaction, there would be differences of opinion, different interpretations, different priorities, and different points of view. Some disputes could be resolved simply. Others might escalate and present complications. Anticipating these situations, God provided a practical way to resolve disputes. Whenever a conflict was identified, both parties were to appear before an impartial judge. Everyone was allowed to provide information, and state their perspective. Then the judge would examine the evidence thoroughly and objectively.

Before a decision was made, all parties also were to appear before the priests. While judges were to “make a thorough investigation,” they were to remember that God was the ultimate Judge. The presence of priests assured that everyone depended on His wisdom and remembered His laws. This was not just a crime investigation involving clues and evidence. The entire process was to be undertaken “in the presence of the Lord.”

God wanted His people to remember that He was sovereign in every relationship. Every contract, business and personal. Every dispute. Everyone was reminded that they always were in His presence. They were to remember that His laws were to be honored. That His ways always are true and objective. That He cannot be compromised or corrupted.

Remember these principles in all your relationships. Seek to be a person of principle, always being consistent with God’s Word. Always being sensitive to His Spirit. Always asking for His guidance. Always keeping your promises. Always careful to resolve any disagreements, so He is pleased.