Alone, Facing Temptation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Frederick Russell Burnham developed into one of the most skilled scouts of his time, proving his capabilities for the British during the Boer Wars, and in various capacities in his native America.

One reason for his success was the training he received from seasoned trackers. One was “Dead Eye” Lee, who, through rugged experiences, had learned the critical importance of details.

Lee taught Burnham the importance of spending long periods by himself. In his writings, Burnham often referred what he learned from this lesson. It was essential to know what to do when he was being pursued. When he was lost and didn’t know where to go.

Being alone could provide taxing trials. But he came to realize that nothing sharpens the “senses so acutely as to know that bitter and determined enemies are in pursuit of him night and day.”

These principles also are true in the spiritual realm. For we are particularly vulnerable when alone. It was when Eve was alone that she was tempted by Satan. It was when Peter was alone with non-Believers that he denied the Lord.

A key moment in the ministry of Jesus was when the Spirit led Him into the wilderness where He faced intense temptations. Alone. And He emerged victorious.

Each of us must face these moments. Moments when everything in our lives is tested. These are moments to realize that we really are not alone. For Jesus said He would not abandon us but would be with us “always, even to the end of the age.” That His Spirit would be with us, to teach us, warn us, guide us.

We can prepare for these moments by spending time with God. Praying. Listening. Knowing His Word. Then, in our daily lives, applying Biblical principles. Sensitive to His presence.