All Glory, Laud and Honor

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

He was a church bishop. Yet Theodulph of Orleans was suspected by France’s King Louis the Pious of being disloyal. As a result, Theodulph (who was born in 820 AD) was sentenced to prison. In these poor conditions, he could have given up or become bitter. Instead, he was sustained by his faith.

In prison he wrote a hymn filled with praise to God. Today we know this hymn as “All Glory, Laud and Honor,” in the translation made in 1851 by John Mason Neale.

Over the years, many churches featured this hymn in Palm Sunday services, often as a processional. In very dramatic settings, choirs would encourage the congregation to enter into praise. This hymn was given such a place of honor because it was in keeping with the spirit of Palm Sunday, focusing on our praise for Jesus.

In Neale’s translation, Theodulph wrote, “All glory, laud and honor, to Thee, Redeemer, King, to Whom the lips of children made sweet hosannas ring. Thou art the King of Israel, Thou David’s royal Son, Who in the Lord’s Name comest, The King and Blessèd One.”

Theodulph found reason to praise God even in the darkest prison, when it seemed there was no hope. Through his example, we’re reminded to rejoice all the time and pray without ceasing. The Bible instructs us to give thanks, not just in pleasant times but in everything, and at all times!

Today, no matter what you are going through, stop to praise God. Praise Him in the morning and at night. Praise Him when you are alone, at work, or at home. Praise Him silently and aloud. Sing and speak His praises. Wherever you are, praise His name. He is worthy!