Alert to Deception

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In 985 AD, Erik the Red and his fellow Norsemen were sailing the northern Atlantic when they discovered a huge island. He named the land “Greenland,” a name that suggested that this was fertile, and characterized by lush vegetation.

However, in fact, this land was foreboding, and far from “green.” Why, many have wondered, would Erik name such a place “Greenland”?

The reason? Erik intentionally decided to be deceptive. He realized that people would be more likely to visit and even settle there if it had an attractive name. Instead of describing the land as it was, he gave it a name that made it sound like it was something else.

This type of deception has become common in our time. We see this kind of practice in business and politics. Through advertising slogans and speeches. With various motives, we see people trying to manipulate others. In the process, some are willing to exaggerate or distort the truth, and even spread false information.

Isaiah warned of a time like this, when people would “say that evil is good and good is evil.” Thinking of themselves as being “so clever,” many reject the concept of “truth” and even ridicule those who stand for Biblical principles.

In this environment, believers are reminded to be careful what we allow to shape our thinking. To be on guard against rumors and gossip. To stand on Biblical truth without compromise.

You can be sure that the world will seek to squeeze you into its own mold (Romans 12:1-2). To influence you to accept their beliefs. Don’t give in to this deception. Fill your mind with God’s Word. Let Him set the standards for your life.