Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God made it clear: Giving offerings was to play an important role in the lives of His people. Scripture takes great care in describing the times offerings were to be given, and exactly what could be offered.

But some offerings were acceptable, while others were not. When an offering was given, it either could be accepted or rejected.

Just imagine the prospect of going through the process of making an offering, only to discover that it was not accepted by God! Yet this is what the Bible describes: God took pleasure and delight in some offerings, but rejected others.

God’s Word tells us that He loves us unconditionally. But that doesn’t mean He is necessarily pleased with everything we do and say. We are to be serious about our offerings, and the things we offer to the Lord from the time, talent, and treasure He has given us. And just like the ancient Israelites, we must be conscious that some offerings may be accepted by God and pleasing to Him, while others might not be acceptable.

How do we know the difference? The Bible tells us that God looks at our hearts and examines our motives. Are we giving to God out of love and devotion, or is this just something we do out of habit or routine? Is serving Him truly the goal of our lives, or is our giving just an empty religious ritual or custom? Are we making offerings that demonstrate a sincere commitment to honor and obey Him? The Lord is looking for offerings made out of obedience and faithfulness, with a commitment to serve and please Him.

In your life, ask God to search your heart and make sure you have the right attitudes toward Him. Give Him your offerings wrapped in faith, and trust Him to bless you.