Abundance under Attack

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Not only is Satan a liar, he’s also a thief! He doesn’t come to bring you prosperity, blessing, or encouragement. No! He comes “only to steal and kill and destroy.” If we want to know his real character, we must remember that he’s a destroyer! A murderer! A thief!

What does the devil try to steal? Anything that belongs to God and anything God has prepared for His children. Anything!

What does Satan desire to kill? Ultimately, each of us. He wants people to spend eternity with him. He tries to destroy the work of God and anyone who serves Him. There can be no greater contrast than to realize Jesus came that we might have abundant life!

Right now, you can know God’s desire for you by reading His Word. What does He want for your life? He wants you to experience His abundance…in every area of your life. He has given you spiritual authority and supernatural power to resist and defeat Satan. You don’t have to let the devil steal from you!

Today, look at your life and think about all the ways God wants to bless you—with health and prosperity, joy and peace, wisdom and power, health and positive relationships…and much more! Just remember that Satan wants to steal all of these things from you, and he’ll never stop trying.

Don’t let Satan win. Fight back! Know your rights, power, and authority, which you’ll find explained in God’s Word. Commit your resources wholeheartedly to God’s Kingdom. Let Him rule and reign in your life!