Absolute Trust in God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Although trained to be a tanner, William Billings taught himself to be a musician and composed many hymns. Born on this day in Boston in 1746, he became a friend to such important people as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, who engraved Billings’ book of hymns, the first collection of music written entirely by an American.

Billings became caught up in the revolutionary fervor that swept through the colonies. Perhaps his most important contribution was a hymn in which he declared, “Let tyrants shake their iron rods, and slavery clank her galling chains: we see them not; we trust in God: New England’s God forever reigns.”

This anthem became known throughout the colonies and was sung by many soldiers as they marched into battle. It is said to have inspired many victories.

Today, many Believers face new forms of tyranny. The forces of evil are at work throughout the world. Many Christians are afraid or worried. But God wants us to have the same kind of conviction that inspired William Billings. He wants us to declare our faith in Him, trust in Him, and remember that He reigns forever.

Right now, declare your trust in God. He is ready to meet your every need. Let Him use you in the battle for righteousness. Stand for God’s truth.

Don’t give in to fear, but be bold and confident. Pray and seek God’s favor. Give of your resources to spread the Gospel. Tell others about Jesus. Get involved in spreading God’s Kingdom.