Absolute Surrender

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ezekiel had personal opinions and ideas. But he had to learn that if he wanted to serve God, he must be willing to lay everything else aside and surrender his life to Him. God had different standards and expectations, which he needed to learn.

Ezekiel discovered that he was not to speak simply because he felt like it. He couldn’t just share his own thoughts. His only motivation must be to obey God unconditionally. He had to always surrender to His will and remain sensitive to His leading.

Ezekiel learned these truths in a dramatic fashion: God called him to shut himself in his home and not say anything until He gave him words to speak.

This is the kind of dedication and obedience God desires. He’s looking for people who are trustworthy. He wants servants who are not focused on personal gain or reputation. He supports those who are willing to lay aside their own interests and opinions…ready to please and obey Him…committed to waiting on Him.

This level of commitment requires us to be clear about His call on our lives. We must be listening for His instructions, sensitive to His leading and direction.

We must never take anything for granted with God. The person who wants to be the Lord’s servant must learn the lessons He taught Ezekiel. This is the kind of sensitivity and commitment He seeks.

Today, make a firm decision to lay everything else aside before God. Make this an act of absolute surrender. Dedicate your life to serving Him wholeheartedly.