Abiding with God

Abiding with God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible makes this promise: God manifests Himself to His people on His “holy hill,” a place that is lofty, set apart, and separated from the world. It is filled with His glory. Here, we sense His presence. Here, we come for worship and to fellowship with Him without distractions. We go to God’s “holy hill” for renewal, strength, and guidance. It’s a place of peace and love.

When we come to this place, we can experience Him and be transformed by His Spirit. His presence is so real and so overpowering that we fall in worship. We humble ourselves before Him and acknowledge that He is worthy of our praise. We focus on Him and want to learn from Him.

Some people don’t believe such a place really exists. But the Bible says that this place is real. We can have this kind of overwhelming sense of His presence and this deep fellowship with Him. But this place is set aside for those who truly seek God, who want more of Him, who worship Him and fellowship with Him, and who live in a way that pleases Him.

Today, do you truly want to enter God’s presence? Do you want to dwell in His “holy hill”? Then learn to set aside all earthly distractions. Walk with integrity. Seek the truth. Seek God. Fellowship with Him. Worship Him. He is waiting for you.