A Time to Pray

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The National Day of Prayer was established in the United States in 1952 by a joint resolution of the Congress, and signed into law by President Harry Truman. This day follows a pattern established in the Bible, as God’s people joined together to recognize their need of Him, and to respond to the problems they faced.

We read how, in the time of the prophet Joel, the land had been devastated by locusts and invaded by a foreign army. As they faced these overwhelming problems, the prophet called on God’s people to come together for a solemn assembly. They were to gather together and “cry out to the Lord.” When they called on Him, He answered their prayers.

God welcomes the prayers from each of us as individuals. But there are particular benefits of joining together in corporate prayer. To unite our voices and hearts with other Believers to seek His face. To cry to Him for problems we face as a people. To seek His direction and guidance. To repent of our sins and seek healing. When we need miracles. When we feel great burdens.

No matter our situation, we need to be people of prayer. Both old and young need to be praying people. Both rich and poor. No matter what problems we face, we need to pray when we are alone, and with other Believers. Seeking God’s face. Committing our needs to Him. Praying for our families and churches. Praying for our country and city. Praying for our leaders. Repenting of our sins, and seeking His intervention in the affairs of the world.

Make this a day of prayer in your life. And join your heart and mind with other Believers. Together, seek the Lord!