A Submissive Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To many in Judah, this command made no sense. Jeremiah had declared that God wanted His people to serve the king of Babylon. Why, they wondered, would He want them to serve a nation that had been their enemy?

On the surface, they might just have focused on Babylon, and its leader, Nebuchadnezzar. But, in fact, God was looking much deeper. He was interested in their attitude toward Him.

Would they be willing to do His will, even if they could not understand His purposes? Were they really listening, and willing to obey?

They were learning that God always looks at our hearts. He may use many kinds of people and events to test us, teach us, and accomplish His purposes. He can use the weather or a job. Finances or world conditions. Or anything else.

In these moments, we may find it difficult to discern His true purposes. But we can be sure that, at all times, God seeks to know our true attitude. To see if we are sensitive to His will. If we are humble and place Him first in our lives.

In your life, remember that God looks at your heart in the situations you face. Be on guard against the poisoning influence of pride. Seek His will, and cry out for His wisdom. And don’t be surprised if He calls you to do things that may seem unexpected.

Remember the prayer of Jesus on the night He was betrayed: “Not My will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). In all things, don’t block His work with self-centered attitudes or selfish desires. But be available and ready for His use, listening to Him, obedient and sensitive.