A Spirit of Foolishness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

These political and military leaders were so confident! They felt sure that they were “so wise.” That they knew exactly what to do. That they had the right understanding and necessary experience.

But God wanted to demonstrate that, before Him, their wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence meant nothing. Before Him, these “wise” men were deluded. In fact, they were fools.

God’s people might have been intimidated. But He wanted them realize that He could transform circumstances and make even the wisest appear foolish, and the best-laid plans look like utter confusion.

God said He would pour “a spirit of foolishness” into these leaders and wise men. That He had “mingled a spirit of perverseness, error, and confusion” within them (Amplified). We can picture leaders perpetually dizzy, their minds spinning around, with all their plans and analyses in utter disarray, looking foolish.

How easily we can place our faith and trust in “experts.” To focus on the opinions of people who get attention through the media. But the Bible reminds us that the world’s wisdom quickly can become foolishness and it tells us to remember that the “wisdom” of men and nations quickly fades, and is so temporary.

Instead, we need to trust in God. To remember that His wisdom lasts forever, and is true in all generations, and situations. It is true regardless of the opinions of other people.

Don’t be deceived by worldly wisdom. Trust in God, and seek His wisdom, for every situation you face.