A Servant’s Prayer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Why are some prayers so powerful? So effective? We learn several important insights from the prayer of Abraham’s servant.

The servant had traveled hundreds of miles on a mission to find a wife for Abraham’s son, Isaac. As he arrived in the city of Nahor, he paused to pray, knowing he needed a miracle. Here, in this faraway land, was it even possible to find the right woman? And would she be willing to travel to his homeland to marry Isaac? Yet God miraculously answered his prayer and brought Rebekah across his path.

What made this prayer so effective? First, it was a selfless prayer. The servant wanted success, not for himself, but for his master. He wanted God to “show lovingkindness” to Abraham. Also, instead of offering vague prayers, the servant knew what he needed and was specific in his requests. And there was no sin blocking his prayers, for his heart was clean and his motives were pure.

The servant was bold and had faith to believe that this prayer would be answered. But he also knew he had done the practical things that were necessary. He had been obedient and faithful, doing everything he could to assure that his prayer would be answered. He was in the place where he had been sent, and he was ready for God to answer.

Do you want God to answer your prayers? Think about the example of this servant. Be sure that you’re obedient and faithful in all that God has asked you to do. Set your heart on fulfilling His call on your life. Seek to be free of sin.

Be specific in your requests. Be humble, but also bold. And remember that you serve the God of all creation. He can do anything—even miracles!