October 1, 2022

A Safe Harbor

Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“What a blessing was that stillness as he brought them safely into harbor!” – Psalm 107:30 NLT

Claude-Joseph Vernet, an artist distinguished for his observation of light, was fascinated by storms and sunsets. Born in France in 1714, he also realized the importance of faith in God.

One of his most vivid paintings, The Shipwreck, is displayed in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. It is a scene dominated by utter darkness, with menacing clouds overhead and a strong bolt of lightning far on the horizon. In the foreground, Vernet depicted a ship wrecked against a rocky coast. Passengers are escaping to the shore, exhausted. Others struggle to save their cargo. A drowning woman is pulled to safety.

In its description, the National Gallery reminds us that paintings like this were “reminders of the transitory nature of life.” This painting “sent a message about the precariousness of life and the necessity of having faith in God to survive difficult times.”

Through this painting, Vernet echoed the teachings of the Bible and the experience of Christians throughout the ages. Truly, we all face many kinds of storms. But, as Vernet’s painting reminds us, we can survive challenging times by having faith in God. We can know that He will bring us “safely into harbor.”

Are you going through any storms? Do you ever feel battered and shaken? In times like these, remember to stand on the promises in God’s Word. Trust Him in every situation you face, and be confident He will bring you through.

Reflection Question: What storm are you facing, and how can you stay focused on God?

Father, I commit these storms to You: ______. Thank You for watching over me. Thank You for guiding and protecting me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Psalm 107