A Revolutionary Message

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Throughout history, ambitious men have looked for the moment to take action. They sought to recognize when circumstances were right for them to seize the moment.

This is what Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov did in April 1917, when he arrived in Petrograd, Russia, during a time of unrest. Better known by his adopted name, “Lenin,” his dramatic speech at the Finland Station stirred the crowds. This speech helped spark the revolution that led to Communist control of their country, and it cemented Lenin’s position as party leader.

We might consider that Jesus Himself had one of those moments soon after He began His earthly ministry. He had taught in the synagogues and proclaimed “the gospel of the kingdom,” healing “every kind” of disease and sickness. Word spread, and multitudes flocked to hear Him.

Here was a critical moment. Was this a time to galvanize His popular support and create a mass movement? Should He give a fiery address or organize an army to rise in revolt? No. But, for Jesus, this was the time to teach revolutionary concepts.

The world Jesus lived in seemed to be dominated by the rich and powerful. Probably surprising to many, Jesus began by declaring that God had different standards. He was not moved by impressive résumés or accomplishments. Nor by political power, intellect, or human talents and abilities.

Jesus said His Kingdom belonged to those who were “poor in spirit.” He sought those who depended on Him and realized that all the riches were His—those who worshipped and served Him. Jesus was confirming an Old Testament principle, where God said He was looking for people who were “humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word” (Isaiah 66:2).

These same principles remain true today. Do you want to inherit God’s Kingdom and receive His blessings? Seek to stay humble before Him. Poor in spirit, but rich in faith.