A Real Enemy

A Real Enemy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For many in the early church, the concept of Satan was hard to grasp. In Greek mythology, there were no demons. And no devil. Their gods had individual personalities. Sometimes they acted with kindness; they also could be vindictive and arbitrary. Paul s challenge was to teach the new believers the truth.

Writing to the Thessalonians, the apostle Paul described how Satan was able to prevent him from visiting them. The implication was that if Satan could interfere in Paul’s life, no one was immune from his influence.

Many people today are ignorant about Satan. A recent survey reported that 20% of Americans do not believe Satan exists, while another 11% are not sure what they believe. The Bible clearly teaches that Satan is real. Yet even those who believe this can be ignorant of his influence.

The Greek word translated Satan means the accuser or adversary. This is his role in the world. Satan is not an imaginary force; he is our accuser and adversary.

You need to realize that Satan and his demonic forces are active in the world. They are your enemies. They seek every opportunity to accuse and oppose you. You will face spiritual opposition because you have an adversary.

But you do not have to be fearful or timid. In Jesus name, you have power over Satan. But you must persevere and not accept defeat.

Today, don t be afraid, or ignorant of the devil s plans. Exercise the power and authority you have because of Jesus. Be bold.