A Quiet Life

A Quiet Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

What is your goal? Paul provided the Thessalonians with thoughts about their ambition that may seem surprising. Paul recommended that they “live a quiet life, minding [their] own business and doing [their] own work” (TLB).

This is an exceedingly practical approach to life. He knew that as other people watched believers, they would see that the Christian life really works! Their lives would be a real testimony, in some ways more powerful than their words.

In your life, remember that the Bible is packed with principles that apply in every area. These principles apply in your finances and relationships, in your family and community. Paying attention to your own work or school is the goal. Work on your own diet and health. His Word can help you make decisions and have discernment.

Yes, the Christian life has many other aspects. We are called to be people of prayer, to fellowship with other believers, to witness and share how Jesus has changed us, and to study the Word. But Paul reminds us of the importance of practice Biblical principles and the impact they can have on our own lives and others.

People all around are looking for answers. You have the opportunity to be an example to them. Show them how the principles in God’s Word really work and how faith in Jesus has changed you and how He can change them, too.