A Prisoner

A Prisoner

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Some believers have a more social type of faith. Others approach Christianity like a religion with rituals and rules. But others are like Paul – sold out, with a total commitment to Jesus.

We see that commitment in the first words in his letter to Philemon. He was a “prisoner of Christ Jesus.” Then a few verses later, he repeated this positioning. In both cases, he used a Greek word suggesting that He was a captive.

He approached his life as someone surrendered to Jesus. For Paul, this wasn’t an imposition or a burden. It brought him joy and gave his life meaning and fulfillment. He went where Jesus was leading. He did what he felt called to do.

Paul was providing a model he hoped Philemon and other believers would apply. He was teaching the importance of having a life surrendered to Jesus. He wasn’t sitting on the fence but following Him absolutely.

What would Paul say about Christians today? About you?

He would remind us that following Jesus should be a total life commitment. It doesn’t mean just listening to a sermon, going to church, speaking a few polite prayers, or reading a few Bible verses. As Paul learned, this should be the most important thing in our lives. Our highest priority, the focus of our energies.

Seek to make this commitment. Make sure Jesus is your Lord. Seek to be sold out for the Gospel, a willing prisoner.