A Passion for Souls

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

William Jones Boone could have enjoyed a career as a lawyer. Born in South Carolina on this day in 1811, he was admitted to the bar after graduating from college. But, burning with a passion for the Lost, he put aside the potential of that lucrative field. In fact, he gave up everything to help reach China with the Gospel. Because of this commitment, he would face many trials.

He and his wife began their ministry in China in 1837. As expected, there were challenges. Learning the language. Gaining trust. Understanding the culture.

After suffering health issues, he and his wife relocated to Macao. There, she died. Yet, in spite of this loss, Boone returned to China. His renewed commitment inspired others to join him on the mission field.

After a trip to the U.S., he returned to China only to discover that there had been a new wave of problems. The country had endured wars, uprisings, and epidemics of serious diseases. Yet the work had gone on. Boone, his colleagues, and new converts persevered through every trial.

Then, in 1864, while returning to China from the U.S., he became ill when his ship encountered a violent storm. After his arrival, his health further deteriorated. He never recovered. But even in his death his example continued to resonate. His selfless focus on souls helped change countless lives.

Boone had endured many difficulties. But his life counted for Christ. He impacted thousands of souls. And he challenged believers to assess their own priorities. To realize that what really mattered was serving God, regardless of the cost.