A New Song

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For Filippo Brunelleschi, this could have been devastating. He had been one of six men competing to build the doors for the baptistery in Florence, Italy, a project with great prestige. Ultimately, he lost the competition.

When this took place in 1401, Brunelleschi was just 24 years old. He easily could have felt defeated and discouraged. But instead, he rethought his life, resulting in a new approach. Instead of being a setback, this became a positive turning point.

As Brunelleschi struggled with this defeat, author Paul Robert Walker describes how he eventually was led to the “the single most important artistic breakthrough of the Renaissance: the rediscovery of linear perspective.” He kept searching and innovating, solving many complex problems.

Perhaps his most noteworthy achievement was the construction of the dome of the Florence Cathedral. His ideas and techniques revolutionized architecture and design.

Many people today go through experiences like the “defeat” experienced by Brunelleschi, but give in to discouragement. The Bible reminds us that God can perform miracles in the life of any person who looks to Him. He does not want us giving in to gloom and discouragement, but instead let Him teach us, renew us, open new doors for us.

Today, do you face obstacles that seem overwhelming? Have you experienced failure or found yourself falling short of your hopes and dreams? These experiences can be discouraging and make you feel like a failure. But these also can be moments to turn to God. To give you new insights. A new song, a new start, new energy, new vision, new wisdom, and a new anointing.

Commit your life to Him. Seek Him. Depend upon Him. Make this a day of new beginnings for you.