Miraculous Deliverance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There seemed to be no hope. All Jews in Persia knew that they had been condemned to death, and there was no possibility of appeal. Then, a miracle took place.

But long before the crisis had developed, they could not have known that God had been working to save His people. For He had given favor to Esther, a Jewish woman, who—against all odds—had become the king’s bride. When the plot to eliminate the Jews was announced, she already had been selected for this position, in place and able to use her influence to save her people.

This was such a miracle that, for more than two thousand years, Jews worldwide have paused to remember their deliverance, and the mighty demonstration of God’s sovereignty and power. This celebration, called Purim, began at sundown last night (and continues throughout today).

But this is a celebration for all of God’s people. For Purim reminds us how much He cares for us, even in the darkest moments, in situations that seem hopeless. It reminds us of His promise to protect and deliver His people.

Today, the same God who delivered the Jews in Persia is by your side. He can deliver you from any trial. He can perform miracles to meet your needs. He can solve problems that don’t seem to have solutions.

If you have needs, cry out to Him. Remember how He has helped you in the past. He is faithful. His promises are still true. In every situation you go through, remember that He is with you, and that He already knows your future.