A Life Marked by Favor

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Favor. A word that summarizes the life of Esther. It sums up the effect she had on Hegai, the man in charge of the harem of Xerxes (king of the Medes and Persians).

Hegai’s assignment was to find girls from throughout the kingdom as candidates to be the next queen. Among the many candidates, Esther stood out. Why? Because she “found favor.”

What was so special about her? What made the difference? It was not her background or family. Nor was it any unique connections or abilities. Yes, she was beautiful, but so were other candidates. Physical beauty alone was not enough to set her apart.

Not only did Esther find favor with Hegai, but she also “pleased” the king. The Hebrew word here demonstrates the various ways Esther was found to be pleasing. In addition to her physical beauty, she had a pleasant personality. She was cheerful and made others glad to be around her.

Hegai had seen hundreds of girls, but Esther was unusually memorable. The impact was so immediate that he became convinced she was the one to be queen.

There must have been something special about Esther’s heart that was revealed in these external factors. A unique peace and joy must have bubbled and exuded out of her. Her positive attitude had to be contagious.

These traits were demonstrated clearly throughout Esther’s life. We see the characteristics repeated in her relationships with Xerxes, Mordecai, and everyone else she met.

This is a great example of the impact we can have when our life exudes joy and gladness, well-being and goodness, beauty and cheerfulness. People can tell instantly what kind of spirit is within us. If we allow God’s Spirit to dwell within us, we can impact people, even the first time they meet us. Just like Esther, God will change our countenance and shine through us with His love and goodness.