A Heart Set on Pilgrimage

A Heart Set on Pilgrimage

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesAugust 25, 20212 Minutes

Those whose hearts are set on “pilgrimage” will receive special rewards. The Hebrew word here, often translated as highway, implies a kind of pathway. Thus, these people recognize that each of us is on a journey. We have started and haven’t arrived. In this process, we grow and change.

We realize that God is with us throughout life. We might be like Peter, needing a second chance when we make mistakes (Matthew 26:75). We might be like Paul, changing when we have an encounter with Jesus (Acts 9:1-8). We might be like the early church when we have an experience with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). We all need to mature as we read and study His Word.

With our hearts set on pilgrimage, we realize that we are in process. We have opportunities every day to seek God anew, learn more from Him, and grow in our relationship with Him. With this attitude, we also realize that other people are on their journeys. They, too, are in process. They are still changing and growing. God is still working on them.

Remember that you are on a pilgrimage, a journey. God is with you to guide you, help you make the right decisions, correct you when you stray, and lead you to the right goals. He will shape your personality, attitude, gifts, and abilities.

Commit your ways to God. Let Him guide you every step of your journey.