A Heart Beating Faster

A Heart Beating Faster

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The man and woman described here in the Bible did not have an ordinary relationship. The woman made his heart “beat faster.” There was a sense of excitement. The moments of their separation filled them with anticipation. This man longed to be her presence. He was overwhelmed with her appearance, even by the look in her eyes and the impact of her jewelry.

Just as this man discovered, being in love can be a profound, all-encompassing experience. Those experiencing the heights of this love relationship can feel transported to new levels. Everything changes. Our priorities are different. We feel incomplete when we are not together. Our hearts race. We become obsessed with the one with whom we are in love.

From a spiritual perspective, we see why the Bible adopts this language. This love relationship between a man and a woman is a profound human relationship. But this only begins to describe what God desires in our relationship with Him. We are to be obsessed, totally committed to Him. We should long to be in His presence and be excited and have hearts that race at the thought of Him.

Does this describe your relationship with God? Or is your relationship cold? Do you approach Him because of tradition or obligation? Are you eager to be in His presence? Does your heart beat faster with the thought of being with Him? Do you delight to read His Word?