A Hard Heart

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ten years, and nothing ever seemed to change. The man had no interest in Christianity. Yet he continued to call on the service of a businessman whom he knew to be a Christian. When the door opened in their interaction, the Christian shared his faith. But the man didn’t seem to care.

Year after year, project after project, the Christian sought to be an example and to demonstrate how Jesus made a difference—doing quality work, being responsible and faithful, having a Christ-like attitude.

Then one day, suddenly, unexpectedly, the man asked to learn more about Jesus, what it meant to be a Christian, and how to be saved. The Christian had the privilege of leading him to the Lord. God’s presence was so strong that both men wept.

No one who knew the man ever would have imagined that such a moment would be possible. Yet somehow God had been working in his heart.

Many surely felt the same way about Saul. Not only did he have no interest in the Gospel, but he was determined to stop the spread of Christianity. Yet, in a moment, his life was turned upside down. The fact is, no heart ever is too hard for God to reach. His Spirit can work in the lives of even the coldest men and women.

Are there people you know who need Jesus? Make sure that you witness to them through your life—through the things you say and do. Be ready to share your testimony as God opens the door. Remember to pray for them, and never give up.