Full Life

A Full Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Isaac had a wide range of experiences. He often was used by God to teach important principles to others. This pattern began with his own birth, as both parents were too old to conceive. When they were informed that they would have a son, both laughed at the idea. It seemed impossible. But God taught them that He never forgets His promises and that nothing is impossible with Him. Isaac was a miracle baby.

God used Isaac to test his father’s commitment as he prepared to sacrifice Isaac on an altar. Abraham passed this test, demonstrating that he placed God above everything else. Isaac saw how important it was to his father that he have the right wife. Abraham sent his servant to his ancestral home to find the woman God had prepared. Isaac could see God at work in supernatural ways, guiding Isaac’s life.

Isaac was still human, though. He lied to Abimelech, concerned that he might be killed if he knew that Rebekah was his wife. Isaac also went through the trials provided by his sons, Jacob and Esau. Because of their disagreements, Isaac agreed with Rebekah to send Jacob away.

The Bible tells us that Isaac “lived a full life” (NET Bible). In his own way, he was an inspiration used by God, an important part of establishing His kingdom.

Can you say that you have lived a full life?