A Fresh Revelation

A Fresh Revelation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

During His ministry, Jesus encountered many people with their own preconceived opinions about God’s Kingdom, and even about what Jesus should do and say. Some of these expectations reflected traditions developed centuries earlier. Many people were confused when Jesus acted in ways they did not expect. Even John the Baptist wondered if He really was the Christ.

Jesus truly was different. Just consider the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel.

He offended people in Nazareth by saying that He had fulfilled a passage from Isaiah. He violated tradition by casting a demon from a man in the synagogue. He forgave a man’s sins, offending the religious leaders. He called a tax collector to be His disciple, and then attended a banquet where other tax collectors were present. On the Sabbath, He both healed a man and allowed His disciples to pluck corn, declaring that He was greater than the Sabbath.

Through these actions, Jesus was opening people’s eyes to the truth, giving them a fresh perspective, trying to help them see things from God’s point of view.

Jesus still wants to give us fresh revelation, too, helping us understand more about His Kingdom and teaching us new truths. Are we willing to hear His message and the full Gospel? Or are we blocked by our preconceived ideas and prejudices?

Right now, surrender everything to Him. Allow Him to be the Lord of every area of your life.